The “TONE” is the Message…Enhancing the Quality of Customer Service

customer service

Most companies put all their education (Notice I sad Education…When we worked for MBNA before the BOA merger they always said you TRAIN animals and EDUCATED people…that always stuck with me) in how to run a specific program, skill or channel. What to look for, what screen do you have to be on, who button do you have to click. They do NOT do a great job in facilitating tone and delight in their calls. Most companies want to educate as fast as they can so they can have reps producing as quickly as possible even to the detriment to their client or customer. Remember you need to understand in the age of social media your customers will talk to others. We want them to be evangelists for our brand. We need to understand that as we train.

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The Self-Service Conundrum


Self-service is a volatile topic in customer service circles. Everyone believes there is a place for it but that’s where people’s agreement stops. The implementation and use of self-service is what I would like to discuss in the third post in our seven post customer service series.

How a company implements Self-Service is a direct correlation to how they view their customers. There is no better measuring tool to see how a brand measures the importance of their customers from service model.

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