Ongoing Agent Analysis- The Most Effective Way to Improve Quality in Your Call Center


Do all your contact center/customer service agents have a current, up to date improvement plan? Do they understand their goals for quality, sales, conversion or net promotion? There are a lot of centers that just do a quick morning meeting and then get on with their day. If that is the basis for your reps improvement/goal setting then let’s look at something very easy to do that I think can benefit all centers.

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What Customer Service Metrics Really Stand Out and Actually Benefit Customers?

call center metrics

Lets actually take some time and talk about customer service and call center metrics. I do not think that you should base a world-class customer experience on metrics that companies seem to be constantly changing to try to “fix” service issues. These metrics are also constantly being argued over to which one is of the most “importance”. Not a great way to define service.

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Good Morning!!! Why You Need to Control the First 30 Minutes in Your Call Center Every Day!


We teach all our middle management that the first 30 minutes of an associates day must be totally controlled by the supervisor.  We believe it is one of the most important tips that we can give any call center manager. If you know what to do during this time and your supervisors are trained in this aspect it will allow every day get off to a great start and solve many problems before they even have a chance to start!

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Leadership Training for Call Center Supervision


You can’t expect your employees to exceed the expectations of your customers if you don’t exceed the employees’ expectations of management.” -Howard Shultz CEO Starbucks

How do you educate the supervision in your customer service center? Do you have a training plan at all or do you just take long tenured associates and make them supervisors/team leads when a supervisor leaves? If you hire a supervisor off the street what training do you give them?

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Taking a Look at Why SOOOOO Many Companies Have Poor Customer Service

bad service


Why is customer service done so poorly in so many service centers? There are many reasons for this, just look at all the books written on this subject. I would like to focus on 7 core reasons that I have seen in many different companies and have helped correct:

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Cell Phone, Auto Dialer and Robocall Laws 101


Although at first glance the federal laws regarding RoboCalls and the calling of cell phones may seem confusing, it is actually straight forward.  In fact most companies using predictive/auto dialer are unfortunately putting themselves or the companies they are calling on behalf of under unneeded risk for litigation and fines because of not following the law.  Here are some of the most abused practices:

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Case Study- How Expivia Helped a Credit Union Overhaul Their Customer Experience

case study

Expivia was recently asked to help a regional Credit Union that was looking to enhance their customer experience, raise their quality and net promoter scores while at the same time turning their customer service center operations into a profit center. The following is a quick break down of how the overhaul of their customer experience took place. Continue reading

Call Center Technology is NOT Customer Service!

customer service

Multi-Channel, Omni-channel, VOIP, Cloud Based Telephony, Speech recognition, Apps for Self-Service, Chat software…all things we are told we need to have a world class customer experience. Buy these and INSTANTLY you will raise your customer sat scores, key KPI’s and net promoter scoring. MAGIC!

What people forget is that these are tools. They are the facilitators to service not of service. The call center technology of today is amazing, but it only works when you understand the priorities of what customers want.

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#askExpivia for Any Questions or Topics You Would Like Addressed on the Muse!

I have had a lot of people ask us for specific topics or questions to be answered that come from LinkedIn, Facebook or right to my email.  Let me say I LOVE THOSE questions!!!  Keep them coming.  I wanted to give an option on Twitter as well…

For the next 10 Days if you have any Call Center, Customer Service, Education, Call Center Leadership, Turnover questions or thoughts or anything Customer Service or Call Center…post them to #askExpivia  I will take most if not all of the requests and either me or my team will reply directly to you and on the blog.

Go ahead #askExpivia away!

In-house or Outsource, What to do?

in out

Post 5: In or out?

Keeping call center operations in-house or outsourcing call center operations and customer service is a topic that many organizations struggle with.  While you are giving up control of your customer experience to a 3rd party,  the perception that in-house facilities are ALWAYS better is in my opinion, false.  Just like post 3 in this series on “Self-Service”…if you are looking to outsource strictly to save money then you are doing it for the wrong reasons.  Yes that is an ancillary benefit but one that will bite you in the long run if you choose the wrong partner.

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