Basic Gamification Concepts for your Customer Service and Sales Call Center


One of the best ways to improve stats, morale and to add to the overall “fun” culture of what can be a very tough job, is to add gamification concepts your contact center in very simple ways.  This doesn’t mean you need a team of developers to create games, interactive screens and video game quality effects (although that would be AWESOME!!)…far from it.

Call centers are a very stat driven environments which lend very well to being able to make achieving certain statistics fun when done right.


In my view, all gamification really means is to make the actual job of hitting sales and service KPI’s more fun while at the same time driving the individual to become more self-motivated.  It allows an avenue of competition while at the same time having your associates work hard to individually achieve what I like to call “physic income”.  Physic income is that feeling a person gets what they are achieving….it’s very powerful.


One of the first things that we did when implementing some of these concepts was to add basic program and individual specific stats to every agent screen that we deemed key for the agents to see.  They needed to be stats that correlate to client goals but at the same time had to be stats that the agent could effect change on.  We don’t have team or overall center metrics on these screens.  These are basic KPI’s for associates to focus on and positively change.

When we get a screen pop for an inbound call, the core program stats that that rep has done for the day is shown on the screen.

Here is a VERY basic stat pop that we have for one of our smaller outbound programs that we run.

TSR ID Name   Non-Finalized Refusals Sales   Total Calls   Convers
100006 XXXXXX 52 6 4 174 40.00%

This is nothing crazy and is something most call centers already have yet they are not placed on the rep screen, they are normally shown on a wall board somewhere (not the same effect).

Also not shown here is a rep ranking for the day based on a formula that we set up that takes into account calls, sales and conversion (for our outbound programs).

On each call that this associate makes, real-time changes can be seen to that specific rep. Again, we have found this is much more of a motivating factor then have stats posted up just on a flat screen in the room (although we do that as well)

We do the same thing in the inbound side. The correlating stats are just different depending in the specific program. With some programs talk time, hold time and service levels are the main KPI, others it may be more sales oriented with a main KPI being cross-sell/upsell conversions.  I can tell you though that one of the biggest positive affects this has had was to almost eliminate After Call Work or Wrap time which has always been a thorn in anyone whom has ever ran a call center.  We have the associates AWC time and we rank then reps as well on this.


The last piece of this that is by far the most motivating is having an area on the screen under the stats  that is used to tell associates how near they are to goal on a KPI and again how they rank compared to the other associates in the room.

When sales and conversion goals get hit, a small fireworks display comes up and the Flat screens around the room “announce” the achievement to the room.

For inbound calls we have the individual rep screens that show their specific stats but we do things on a more team oriented level for service level, Talk times and other telephony stats that need to be hit for wall board announcements. The flat screens are always showing what teams are at these goals and what teams are not. This creates a team environment where everyone is looking for all the team member to succeed. We play a lot of motivational team games based on this.


The call center can be a tough environment to work in. One of the main jobs of management in my opinion is to create an environment that creates a culture of fun while still making hitting your keep metrics the priority. If your reps think their job is fun, it won’t seem like the tough job that it sometimes can be. It’s a win win.

Since implementing this over 2 years ago we have dropped our turnover by 15% while increasing almost every key metric we follow for each client we work for.  Amazing what happens when you make work a little fun!

Thomas Laird is a customer service and contact center consultant and operations professional with over 25 year of experience. Thomas is currently the CEO of Expivia Interaction Marketing Group, Inc.  and A 100% onshore multichannel contact center and lead writer for the Contact Center Muse Blog.




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